"Why do I need to buy disability insurance?  I'm already covered by Social Security if I can't work."
This is one of the biggest hurdles to getting a bundled insurance system to work.  You are currently forced to buy disability insurance from the government in the form of Social Security, and additional disability insurance would mean doubling up on your coverage.  Further, if your disability policy benefits are too high, you may lose your Social Security benefits.
  • You can't depend on Social Security.  Too many times capricious government officials have denied benefits on spurious grounds.  The Federal courts have ruled that Social Security is a tax, and not an entitlement; the US government may withdraw benefits any time they choose.
  • Supplementary disability policies are already very popular.  Paying off a significant amount each month, but still below the point where Social Security benefits would be withdrawn, such a policy would still be an incentive to a medical insurer to keep you out of a wheelchair or sickbed and on your feet.
The optimum solution would be legislative; to allow one to buy private disability insurance rather than the government monopolized version.