"This is no solution!  Only the rich can afford so much insurance!  The poor would be forced to go without proper health care."
If you are one of those socialists who believes everyone should receive "the best care possible", no matter what their walk of life, you should move to Canada and help pay for their faltering health care industry..
A person who can afford HMO coverage, but is unable to buy additional life and disability insurance, would still receive medical assistance; the contract between that person and his HMO requires it.  It might not be the best possible care, but an insurer that failed to provide at least reasonable care would find itself subject to liability.
A system using bundled policies benefits even those who cannot afford extra insurance.  With incentives to keep their clients alive and well, HMOs will participate in furthering medical research, investing in pharmaceutical development and allowing experimental procedures.  As these innovations were used more often, they would become standard practice, and therefore would be available to all HMO patients.